Growing food is both an art and science. Our growers are farmers and artists who enjoy competitive and consistent returns via our state-of-the art farms that are free of prohibited substances such as synthetic pesticides. Our farmers use composted manures to enrich our soil naturally and prevent erosion. We turn to natural sources to protect our produce from unwanted weeds and pests, and we take special care to ensure that our organic produce isn’t contaminated during or after harvest.

In doing so, our aim is to contribute to national self-reliance in fresh produce and be elevate agriculture business in Nepal. Food self-sufficiency is crucial for Nepal, majorly being a landlocked country. Overviewing Nepal’s trade status, Nepal is facing trade deficit. Leveraging our potential of becoming self sufficient in agricultural produce such as vegetables, fruits and cereal grains by properly utilizing the available resources can help mitigate that trade deficit

Daily Fresh Farms

Daily Fresh Farms is where high-tech science meets the delicate art of growing mushrooms to contribute to national self-reliance in fresh produce.

Our climate-controlled button mushroom composting and growing farm is set to produce two tons per day by 2022 and our farms in Chitwan will transport fresh locally grown mushrooms to all major cities of Nepal over-night every day.

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