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12 December 2020

Remember the time, most of the homes had joint families and enjoy the company of each other?

Well, we at Vishal Group still have a big family and enjoy the company of each other. Yes, We are blessed to have a close-knit family of 10000+ members.

Vishal Group started its journey in 1949 from a small textile shop. Since its inception, the Group had the policy of expanding the family with people who are passionate towards their work to the core. Vishal Group has had a policy of not supporting any cheat and scam and rather helping out the society at large with all means.

The group was established under the visionary of Shri Gordhandas Agrawal. He led the team from the front for all the diversifying arms of the company. He also went ahead into International Trade and established a base in Mumbai which was used as a focal point for trading textiles into Nepal. His great visionary is followed by the next generation people like Jagdish Prasad, Trilok Chand and Tulsi Ram Agrawal, who have continued the growth of the company. However, the one thing that was common for all the leaders of the Group is the firm stand that they and the people of the company take against corruption, cheat or scam.

One of the major plans for Vishal Group is to create employment for the people of Nepal at large. So, from the tiny textile shop, the Group has a growing family of more than 24,000 people today. The Group takes immense pride on these people as they are the main force and the inspiration behind the Group. Vishal Group believes that the immense development that has happened over last few decades for all the leaders company was possible only because of these people - who are passionate, skilful,  true to their work and do not support any kind of scam or cheat.

Vishal Group is extremely delighted and proud to inform that each one from the family members was instrumental and worked relentlessly for the benefit of the society during these testing times caused by Covid 19. It was commendable how the employees supported each other, stayed strong and also contributed towards the betterment of the company and give back to the society within their means. The people have been a major source of motivation for the entire Group. VG Foundation,  the arm of Vishal Group that works for the betterment of society has distributed reliefs to the people in need.

Vishal Group has taken a journey of seventy years, keeping its head high by doing the right work and standing against every kind of cheat or scam, through the help of its people. The Group wishes to take further steps with this growing family in the coming days as well and march ahead...upward and onward!

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